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Contact information: Sturlaugur Jonsson & Co, Selhella 13, 221 Hafnarfjordur. Phone +354 412 3000 | email: [email protected].


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We have a very good cooperation with Arionbanki in Iceland


Add our company name in Google Maps 'Sturlaugur Jónsson & Co' and you will get directions to our door step.

Sturlaugur Jonsson & Co was established in 1925 and was for many years supplying 3 main sectors of business; fishing vessels (Spare Parts), printing equipment agents for Heidelberg printing machines and last but not least the company was importing raw materials for shoe repair and manufactoring.

On average the number of employees has been between 5 and 6 throughout the whole lifespan of the company.

Today the company has 5 employees and the main business sectors are; Spare Parts and service for fishing vessels, Engine Spare parts, sales of gauges and measuring items.  Key customers are from the following sectors; Seafood, Aluminium production, Energy companies and other companies.